Quick note: Eleanor and I departed the USA last night for Croatia, where we’ll board the “Sea Cloud,” Marjorie Merriweather Post’s 1931-vintage sailing yacht.
Our itinerary: a Sept. 2-13, 2015 voyage exploring the Dalmatian and Greek coasts. Time and the internet willing, we’ll send back photos and short reports about this expedition trip I’ve waited a lifetime to undertake.
Meanwhile, we’ve just gotten word this same itinerary will be repeated next year.

If you’d like a lo-res, 3-page PDF outlining next year’s trips, please click here. Or type your name and address in the commentary box below,

Hope you can join us!


Owen C. Hardy

Owen C. Hardy, CEO

IRT Luxury Trains, Tours & Cruises™

The Society of International Railway Travelers®

P.S. I will be on this trip. IRT President (and my wife) Eleanor Hardy hopes to go as well.

P.P.S. We have just 3 cabins remaining; hence the need for this email.

2424 Frankfort Avenue, Suite 2 | Louisville, Kentucky, USA
(800) 478-4881 | (502) 897-1725

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