Palace on Wheels to Offer Spa Services and Free Wi-Fi

30 Apr

India’s luxury train, Palace on Wheels, will start a Wi-Fi Internet facility on board as well as a spa, Economic Times of India recently reported.

According to Pradeep Bohra, the general manager of Palace on Wheels, these services will become available in August. “There will be extra charges for the spa while Wi-Fi will be free,”Bohra told Economic Times of India.

The Palace on Wheels is rated as one of the IRT Society’s Top 25 Trains.  It departs for Rajasthan and Agra for nine months out of the year. It remains closed May through July. The train runs a seven night and eight day tour leaving every Wednesday. For more information on the Palace on Wheels visit the IRT website

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  1. Karen M. Schultz December 1, 2016 at 10:57 PM #

    Wow! you have traveled a lot by train all over the world I can image you really enjoyed riding on any train and learning about their countries. I would love to travel by train, too. Thanks for sharing many trips of yours with me. I think it is worth of it!!

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